Take A Sad Song, And Make It Better

I love the way I can lose myself in a song. When I listen to a song I really connect with, it’s almost as if I become the song.
I listen to lyrics that matter; not just songs that have a nice beat. Music has been one of my many escapes in life, and if it weren’t for music I’d probably be going insane.
My favorite song of all time is Hey Jude by the Beatles. I love the lyrics, the message. I researched this song as much as a person possibly could. It was written by Paul McCartney, about John Lennon’s son Julien. It was to cheer him up, because John and Julien’s mom were getting divorced. “Paul was around a lot during that time,” said Julien in an interview. Paul originally wanted to call it Hey Jules, but Jude “Rolled off the tongue better.”
This song is just so inspirational. The line “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better,” just really speaks to me. It’s about taking a situation you don’t particularly enjoy and making the best of it. It’s really helped me out. For instance: I take my mother’s absence and insanity (bad situation) and turn it into something good (at least I won’t have to go to any cheesy mother-daughter dances in high school.)
I have decided that my future son’s name will be Jude. (I would use Julien, but my sister already used it. Also in honor of Julien Lennon. My nephew just turned 4!!)
I just wanted to post about music because, face it, without music we would all be nutcases by now.
My life is basically founded on music; it deserved a post on my blog.


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