It’s Okay: I’m A Writer

Another post about one of my favorite things to do in the world.
Poems, stories, songs, lists, you name it, I write it. (Except for hymns. I don’t know what those are.)
I started writing at age 3. That’s when I learned how to read. I’d take a piece if construction paper, fold it in half, have my daddy staple the fold (to make it look “professional,”) and write a story in it. I wrote stories about our pets, myself, my friends (I had two at the time). They were completely dumbfounded by the fact that I could write and read so early. My two friends were Audrey and Gabriel, relatives of the neighbors. Audrey was 13 and Gabriel was 4.
By second grade, I had moved on to writing complete poems and ballads, while my classmates were still stuck on grammatically correct sentences.
Writing easily became my favorite passtime. In school, I was always the one to go up and read my stories. Third grade, it was about a hamster stuck in a backwards world. In fifth grade, I wrote a story about traveling in a time machine to see the first ever Beatles concert. (Oh, yes, I was awesome back then, too.)
Now, I’m working on a few novels. I plan on getting published in high school, like S.E. Hinton, and using any money I make to go to college. I write poetry when I can’t think of what direction to go in in my novels. That, and it’s just a really great outlet for that teen angst I’m feeling a lot lately. (Better than punching holes in walls. Made that mistake twice.)
If you see a random poem being put up here, just go along with it. My poetry is close to my heart and tells just as much as any blog post.
Peace out.

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