Telletubbies Is An “Intellegent” Program?

There must be a story behind it all. There is a reason my mother drank so much, did so many drugs, became so violent. These addictions don’t happen out of nowhere. All alchoholics, druggies, abusers, they have an event-or a series of events-that led them to drink, or do weed, or hit their children.
What is hers? I can’t even take a guess as to what it could be, seeing as I’ve never had a single conversation with the woman. All I really have to go on is that she loves Wizard of Oz, was obsessed with Diet Mountain Dew (if only D.M.D. were the ONLY drink she was addicted to), only let we watch “intellegent programs,” such as Telletubbies (I had a giggle fit every time the sun came up), and was very smart.
What does that give me? That she was watching Wizard of Oz in a Telletubbies costume while drinking Diet Mountain Dew crunching numbers while…what happened? See, no clue what could have gone down.
This whole confusion makes me want to know her. I don’t care if she spills beer on me, offers me a hit of whatever drug she’s on (cuz I won’t take it), or slaps me into next Thursday.
No matter what she may be like when I meet her, one thing stands as of right now: I know that I never want to be like her. Ever. She may be beautiful (and with all that drinking, she won’t be for long..), she may be smart, but I don’t want to be anything like her. I want to be like my father, who stuck by me even when she had custody of me, who fought to get me back, because he knew if I stayed with her, my fate would be dire. He might not make perfect decisions, but if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be here today. I want to be like him: courageous, intellegent, hardworking, dillegent, loving.
Growing up with one parent might be hard, but it was a lot better growing up with the right one.


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