Oooooh, You’re My Best Friend!

My best friend Josh Hensley wanted me to write a blog about him.
This one’s for you, Joshica.
(This will be really boring for those of you that don’t know him.)
He told me to write about how I met him (conceited!), sooo…
We met last year in Mr.Cox’s class, because Mr.Cox let us choose seats and I sat by Sara and Josh got stuck with Jimmy in front of us. Sara immediately said “You’re my new friend.”
Classy, right?
In the last year I’ve gotten to know him a lot. He probably knows everything about me. (Everyone has a friend like that.)
Friends are something we take for granted, sometimes. We think we’ll always have friends, no matter what. Not everyone has friends, like Dr.House. (I still love him. Hahaha.) Be thankful for your friends. Mine mean the world to me.
Joshua Edwin Hensley, you officially have a blog dedicated to you. You can thank me later.
(He’s probably sleeping. Stupid sleeper.) Just kidding.
Love ya, best friend!


3 thoughts on “Oooooh, You’re My Best Friend!

  1. Joshua Hensley says:

    i <3 it

  2. Joshua Hensley says:

    love it

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