That’s You

You’re the dream I can’t fulfill,
The kiss I cannot feel.
The scar that just won’t heal.
You don’t hardly seem real.

You’re every hope I’ve ever had,
The story I can’t understand.
The gun to my head I can’t unhand.
The pop-up book that I want to expand.

You’re the saga that longs to be told,
You’re the hand I want to hold.
The one feeling I can’t control.
The nice night when I want to stroll.

You’re the rain that needs to fall,
The problem I must solve,
The object around which I revolve,
The program I want to install,
That’s you.

What do you do when you have nothing worth blogging about? You copy and paste one of your poems from MySpace to here.
I have a lot on my mind, but it’s all jumbled around and I can’t possibly sort it all out enough to write about it.

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