O Mother, Where Art Thou?

Do you know what it’s like living within twenty miles of somebody, but never being able to contact them? It’s like when you’re just about to taste something, but it’s constantly being taken from your grip.
This is what I’m feeling. My mother lives here in Tulsa, at the homeless shelter. I could very easily go see her, but that would cause a lot of things that don’t need to be caused. Techinically, I’m not allowed to see her according to the law, but that really wouldn’t stop me if I were actually determined to see her.
It’s wierd, being so close to her but never catching sight of her. The city is only so big. You’d think we’d run into each other by now. My brother Adam has run into her a few times, however.
A few years ago, she was staying at a hotel about a mile away from my house. It’s still hard to believe this. She was within a mile of me and I never knew it. Funny how things turn out.
She’s here, in this city, right alongside me. Just put a few miles and thirteen years between us. It seems impossible that I can be so close to someone in distance, yet so far from someone psychologically.
I wonder, will she recognize me if she sees me in public? She stalks my Facebook profile, so she ought to know what I look like. It makes me wonder what might happen.
“What if?” People are always telling me not to ask that, but it’s inevitable. It prepares me for what may come ahead.


2 thoughts on “O Mother, Where Art Thou?

  1. zezemia4000 says:

    it must be hard not knowing someone so close but, so far.

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