Only Pirates Need To Find X

Eighth grade seemed so far away no more than 6 months ago at this time. Seventh grade was a year that seemed endless. Well, it’s about to happen, and it’s hitting me like a tsunami.
What, I’ve pondered to myself, will this year bring? I’m hoping to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I want go gain knowledge that is needed for my well-being. Who cares if you can find the value of X?
It is middle school, after all. I can tell that there’s going to be a lot of drama. We’re the rulers of the school, the oldest. The sixth- and seventh-graders will both fear us and resent us for being older. The classes will be harder, the drama will be worse, the trials will be more trial-ey.
I plan to be a different person this year than I was in sixth and about half of seventh grade. I’m going to be nicer, less violent, and I finally got rid of a few bad habits that I had during those times. I’m going to act better. I am sometimes guilty of my actions not falling into order with my beliefs. At times I fall into the crowd and what they’re doing-it’s so easy and yet so iniquitous to do that! I had a bad cussing problem in sixth grade and half of seventh, that I finally got rid of in January. I had a bad gossiping dilemma, I would just talk about people with no credit to how good of a person they are! I still feel really terrible about some things I’ve said behind peoples’ backs, and I was blind to what they were going through!
Anyways, this is not Point Out My Flaws Day. I’ll save that for another post.
Eighth grade is going to be a monumental year. I’m going to be the New Ali, not the Old Uncaring Ali. I’m going to be a much better person than I used to be. I’m still going to gossip sometimes, sure, but at least I’m trying not to. Maybe the occasional unmerciful opinion will slip from my lips. I am no perfect person. The point is that I’m trying to be better. If I don’t, how will others follow in my footsteps?

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