Summer 2010: Success

Can you believe it’s almost time for school again? It seems as if just yesterday I was walking home on that blazingly hot last day of school, wishing that my dad and his air-conditioned truck would save me from my demise.
This summer has been a lot of things. Dull, dazzling, magical, promising, and slow. A lot of things have happened. I’ve made new friends and even lost my best one for a short while. (Love you bunches, Blake.) I’ve written a lot of poetry, read a lot of amazing books, and found some great-tastic new music. I’ve grown a lot, maturity-wise. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and faith. I’ve eaten countless packs of chocolate pudding and downed more Dr Peppers than I can imagine. I’ve spent many incredible evenings with my family. I’ve bought one pair of shoes. (Converse. I’m hoping to get neon green Vans soon.) If summers were rated by the number of days spent on the poolside or how many times you went out of state, I wouldn’t have had a very good summer. But, I think this is one of my best summers yet. I’ve learned a lot, about life, about God, about myself. That’s all that matters. Getting a great tan or getting a load of stuff isn’t important. They say it’s quality, not quantity. Quite true.


4 thoughts on “Summer 2010: Success

  1. Blake says:

    You to :)

  2. Joshua Hensley says:

    i love it and if it were rated by travel times mine would be very high

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