Random Blurbs

Have you ever seen someone, and not known how you actually feel about them? Not necessarily in a romantic  manner-just in general? This person has always been part of your life, maybe, but you just never had an opinion? Or, perhaps, you’ve just met this person and you’re trying to figure them out? I think this happens to all of us.

I’ve felt this a plethora of different times.  The obvious one for me would be my mother. I really won’t go into that. I don’t know her, I don’t know what she’s like, all that good rot. We’ve heard it before.

There are just times I get so conflicted about whether I like a person or not. Again, not romantically. (Usually.) Isn’l;t it just so confusing? I’ll see a person be a complete jerk to my friends, but they’re nice to me. What then?

This has just been on my mind a lot lately.

Another thing I’ve been experiencing as of late is not knowing how someone feels about you. That person might be nice to your face, but maybe act as if you’re bothering them by calling or IMing.

Life is confusing, that’s the principle that all this boils down to. I have some thinking to do.


4 thoughts on “Random Blurbs

  1. Perla says:

    Love this Post nd yea ik what u mean like i feel like that all the time…Just sometimes people in general can be very hard to Understand but great post :D

  2. zezemia4000 says:

    i feel that way but do i call to much cuz if i do i just wont call anymore

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