I Am A Hostage To My Own Humanity

I hate times like these when my low self-esteem reappears. I try to be this happy person all the time, but everyone feels down every now and again.
I preach about self-image and all that, but the truth is I feel bad about myself like everyone else on this planet does at some point. I feel sad sometimes, I cry like other people do.
I used to feel terrible about myself. I had nothing good to say about the person I was. I’m happy to say my confidence level is a lot higher now than it was then.
My bad self-respect resurfaces sometimes, and I try to abolish it as soon as I can. I usually just have to tell myself that I’m not stupid, I’m not fat, etc.
This is one of my goals for this year, to have more dignity. I have come a long way with this. I’m not going to stop until I love myself as much as I should.
I will admit, I have thought of myself as “fat” a lot in my life. I was known as “the fat kid” in elemantary school. My own dad calls me fat sometimes. (He sugarcoats it. “You need to lose weight,” is his wording.) I’ve gotten a lot better about thinking that recently, but we all think our weights are insufficient sometimes.
The point is that we all feel bad sometimes. It’s how we deal with it that counts. I’d never go anorexic or start cutting again. I have better solutions than that. I just have to remember that God created me in His image. You all should remember that, too.

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