You Don’t Mess Around With Jim! (Croce, That Is.)

I am currently listening to John Mellencamp (and I find it amusing that my iPod still calls him John Cougar Mellencamp). I just felt like telling you that. He was apparently born in a small town, as stated about a billion times in this song.
I am just checking off the minutes until school. I cannot wait.
My iPod changed to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s a 70’s marathon, foo. (It’s Free Bird, so I won’t be notifying you of a song change for a while.)
I’m gunna be an eighth grader. I feel so old. Just a short while ago, I was a seventh grader, living in a shadow those eighth graders cast upon us. This year, it will be our names the sixth graders talk about. It will be us whom the seventh graders envy. It’s our turn at the top.
I got bored with Free Bird. So now it’s Jim Croce. I like country-influenced 70’s rock.
As I listen to my old music and sit here, I have a few things on my mind: SCHOOL, shirts I must get for school, and how excited I am.
I’m still listening to Jim Croce’s wise words about operators and not messing around with Jim, and I am absolutely psyched.

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