I Ain’t No Domestic!

“Honor your father and mother-which is the first commandment with a promise-that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”-Ephesians 6:2-3
Honiring your mother and father, that’s a toughie. For me especially.
Mom: Crazy psycho childbeater.
Dad: Means well but lied to me my whole life.
How do I honor someone I don’t know? Someone I haven’t met? I get the feeling I’m not gunna get a free pass on respecting her. If/when I meet her, it’s probably going to take every fiber of my being not to call her a few names. Understandable, right?
My dad has done a lot for me, but he told me lie after lie, still continues to, and it’s hard to credit someone who hid/hides your own life from you. I get that he does a lot for me, but you’d think the conversation about my mom being a wing-nut would come up.
Then there’s the whole obeying his commands issue. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I don’t bow down to authority, except for God’s. I don’t answer to commands very well. “Clean your room.” Sorry, I’m not a maid. “Go make yourself dinner.” I ain’t no domestic! The people up at Sonic can make my dinner. “Stop turning the air conditioning on. It’s making your grandfather mad.” It’s August, and do I look like I care? All these demands weigh down on me and make rebellion that much easier. I don’t respond to tyranny.
I have a lot to work on, as you can see. I’m never going to bow down to my parents in defeat. This whole issue will be an ongoing battle. Other people do it, how bad could it be?

3 thoughts on “I Ain’t No Domestic!

  1. zezemia4000 says:

    i know how you feel kinda good one

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