Motherly Love?

What are mothers like? Are they altogether nice, altogether sweet, altogether wonderful? I have a good idea of what MY mother is like, but she’s not a normal mom.
What’s it like to hear “Hey, sweetie!” when you walk in your front door, and being able to answer “Hi, Mom!”? What’s it like to smell that sweet scent of cookies coming from the kitchen and think, Yay, Mom is baking?
Is it more of a blessing or a burden having one? I guess that answer is different for some people. My mother, obviously, is more on the burden side of that scale.
How do mothers feel about being mothers? Is it, These kids are going to be the death of me! *SLAP* (Sharyl), or These kids are a blessing and I love them with all my heart and soul! *HUG-KISS*?
These questions may seem simple, but for one who has never had maternal impressions, these are some of life’s big questions.
So, here’s what I want YOU to do. (I totally imagined Shane Dawson saying that.) Leave a comment (“Or a video response,” Shane would say) telling me what having a mother is like. I may never get to find out, so tell me and I’ll have that knowledge just in case. I want to know what it’s like to have motherly love.


12 thoughts on “Motherly Love?

  1. zezemia4000 says:

    It can seem bad sometimes but you think love her with all your heart because others don’t have them.

    • What do you mean others don’t have them? I don’t have one, either. I’m one of the masses of motherless people of the world. I think that any mother besides my own would be just dandy.

  2. Perla says:

    Well for me having a mom is alot of pain ina good way and in a bad way . Like my mom is not ^*hug , kiss, ily sweaty etc* shes more of a * dont do this dont do that behave, dont be mean , tell me all your secrets, dont hide anything, i will tell your father, etc* the only times my moms is a *loving mom* is on her birthday , my birthday,holidays and around friends but usualy shes a bosy mom and i love her and all but sometimes i just CANT STAND HER!!! and my mom does NOT bake cookies i do tho cus well yea i gotta have some cookies :D but i wouldnt say having a mom is great and not having a mom is bad everyone has there thoughts on that . but deep down inside nomater how mean or what your mom did you gota remember she gave you life w/ the help of dad ofcourse but she had you inside 9 months and that means alot to mothers. so yea thats my view of having a mom like i do .

  3. Blake says:

    I think your idea of moms is totaly off. One. Nobody has that tv mom. Like the one u described. Every mom has there faults. And up sides all in all there an ok group of people. I love my mom. But no mom is a picture perfect mom

    • Well it’s pretty freaking easy for my vision to be off, ain’t it? Maybe it’s your idea of a perfect mother that’s off-any mom that wasn’t my own, I could find no fault with. As long as she’s okay in the head and non-violent, that’s MY TV mom. Not the media’s TV mom. An okay group of people? I don’t even have one and I can predict they’re better than an “okay group of people.” I’m sure the mom I want is out there. She exists. But some other kid who needs her more than I do got her, and I’m stuck with the absent psycho. Maybe this is all a blessing in disguise and one day a big ray of light will appear from the sky and I’ll have all the answers. As for now, I only have questions.

  4. Rae Boyles says:

    So I have two moms and I know the different opposites if the spectrum. My birth mom is crazy. She fight with me a lot. When I first got adopted she told everyone she was dead because I had killed her. I wrote her a mothers day card and she sent it back and wrote “DECEASED” on it. When I lived with her she let me do whatever I wanted, mainly because she didn’t really care.
    But I have anther mom too. She adopted me three days before my 16th birthday. She has shown me how a mother is suppose to love her daughter. She cares about where I go and who I’m with, to the point where its annoying sometimes but I’d rather have that then a mother that doesn’t care. My adoptive mother even bakes cookies for no reason sometimes.

    • My mother was apparently a mix of both… She was a good person, but like a lot of mentally ill people are, she got those moments where she was just terrible. Sometimes she cared. Sometimes she didn’t. It all depended on how she was doing that day.

      • catherine says:

        Well, hmmmm… it all depends, sometimes on the moms childhood, or if they even wanted kids. My mom never wanted kids, but she says she is happy that me and my sibblings where born even though i no she regrets it sometimes.My mother can sometimes be immature, when ever we are fighting and im plying with my brother she will walk in saying some crap lik ‘i dont no why ur wasting ur time on her’. But i have learned to store it the back of brain and not think about it and not give her a responce. But other times my mom is great almost likwe a friends playing with my hair baking cakes and cookies letting me stay up super ate, and claming its because im older. Those are the best times, but no mother is perfect and they all have their good and bad, some more than others. Im sorry that ur mom is’nt what you had wished for all those years, but hey at least you have a dad who loves you and family members (even if there in the church_ that love and respect you 4 you!!! -miss ya alli!!!

      • Miss you too!! :) Ya know, as much as people tell me what mothers are like I don’t think it ever sinks in. I guess I’d still like to believe they’re flawless beings..

  5. breeanna says:

    ali, dear i know what you mean my mom has those exact momnents where she can be wonderful, but most of the time shes yelling cussing, and making us do everything her new boyfriend wants to do, and it makes me sick!! :( i love you ali, just rember nobodys life is perfect.. not even my life i make it seem okay by having that fake im okay smile on everyday but most of the time its not okay. the good thing about my mom’s issues is that its made me a strong girl, and maybe thats why god gave me her, i need to be strong for every thing i go through.. and thats probally the sam for you..

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