DNA Means Nothing

I have a lot of things on my mind tonight, one of them is family.
Family is the basic unit of community, by definition. You have a family before you have anything else.
I’m sure everyone feels different about their families. I feel pretty bipolar about my own. Sonetimes I love them with everything in me, other times I strongly dislike them. I love alot of people IN my family, but the group as a whole is really screwed up. No denying that one. Most of the time they’re all mad at me for one reason or another, like turning the TV down or turning the air conditioner on or speaking my own mind about things. I keep wondering why I got this family. I love them, but I don’t love the way some of them treat each other.
My brother Michael is super mad at my sister Amber and refuses to speak to her.
Michael has thrown me off my own bed before, almost causing me to break my neck.
My dad likes to yell at me for doing simple things like turning the air conditioner on.
That’s enough examples.
If I have learned one thing, it’s that being related by blood means nothing. I’m related by blood to my mother, and that turned out so very well.
I have another family. My church family is my favorite group of people on earth. They don’t judge me, which I think some people in my family think it’s okay to do because we are genetically bound. Michael has dubbed me as a troublemaking crybaby, my dad declared me as a temperamental whiner, my grandma thinks of me as a fatty. My church family takes me as I am, and that’s all I need.


3 thoughts on “DNA Means Nothing

  1. Bree says:

    Ali i lovee you and you stayy yourslef and change for noone if they dnt accept you then thats their loss!! Kk?? You great!!

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