Let’s Play The “What If?” Game!

Life is full of questions, and some of them swarm in my mind unwilling to leave unanswered.
What if I had never been rescued? Would I still be living that old life I can’t remember? Would I be dead by now, or barely hanging on to my dear life? Would my mom always be drunk or would I have made it better somehow? Or, what if I got rescued at a later date and actually got to know her? What then? Would my spuritual life be different? Would the abuse have made me turn away from God? Would I blame myself like I foolishly used to?
People are always telling me that asking “What if?” is pointless. I don’t think so. I’m a writer, and all stories start with “What if?”. The same way I work it into my fiction, asking myself hypothetical questions is important to my own daily life.
Sometimes I wish I could have stayed with her for a while longer, just so I could know her to some degree. And that’s all I want from my life on earth, really. To know her.


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