Ballad of Her

Beautiful and refined,
her talents were undefined.

Doing wrong was unheard of.
She rose, somehow, up above.

Suddenly, something in her snapped,
and she felt utterly trapped.

There was something she couldn’t handle,
so her life became a victim of the vandal.

She had kids by the age of 17, much too young,
so she became permanently overhung.

Alchohol became her answer, abuse the escape,
until she couldn’t ignore her own fate.

She had a baby girl, and although they’ve never spoken,
they both remain completely broken.

The difference between the two, though,
is that one stays the same and the other lets go.


4 thoughts on “Ballad of Her

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re an awesome poet!

  2. This is an AMAZING Poem Ali Keep up the good work Chika :D

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