My Life, My Story

I was told recently that my blog is inconsiderate, and that it’s as if I’m “throwing her under a bus” (“her” being my mother). It doesn’t matter who said it, all that matters is that I have a response to it that I’d like everyone to read, even if the person who insulted my blog doesn’t read this.
I’m reading a book, and a character said something in it that really jumped off the page and completely resonated with me. “I am the author of my story and I can tell it any way I want.” I hold this statement completely true. If I have a story that I want other people to hear, I can tell it how I want to tell it. Public speaking really isn’t my thing, neither is going around to every person I know and repeating the same thing. What do I do? This. Writing. And if anyone has a problem with the way I conduct telling my story, they can take that up with me. This is my life and I’ll tell it how I please.
On that subject, I’d like to hear YOUR story. Yes, you reading this blog while eating Hot Cheetos. You. Tell me your story, but in your own way. Maybe you’re a writer, an artist, an interprative dancer. Whatever your way is. I’d love to know your story.
God bless!


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