Family Matters

I’ve never had that strong sense of family that many of my friends talk about. My family has never been something I’ve found extraordinary.
Aside from the disaster that is my mother, my family is no perfect picture. We’ve just never been close, despite our attempts to make it seem better on special occasions. There are people that are close to one another, yes, but as a whole we’re not tight-knit.
In the aspect of home life, there’s always fighting going on. It’s either me and my dad, my dad and my grandma, my grandma and my grandpa, or some type of 4-way warfare. It’s just not a good environment. I’m always trying to go somewhere, do something, to get me away from the volatile nature of living that is my home. I don’t like admitting it, but it’s a simple yet painful truth that I cannot bear to hide any longer.
As for the extended family, there’s a lot of strife hidden in the underbelly of our friendly smiles and pleasantries. Of course the fact that many of my family members are mad at my mother goes without saying. My brother Michael has a year-long battle going on with my sister for reasons concerning the way she goes from home to home and lives precariously whilst doing it. A few family members are angry at me for reasons (if I do say so myself) completely lacking coherence. My mom is mad at my aunt, for reasons I don’t fully remember.
It’s a war zone.
I’ve just never felt the same way about my family that other people seem to do without problem.
On those grounds, I’ve come to this decision: Love makes a family, not blood. I can make my own family based on who loves me and whom I love. Blood means nothing to me. I got a church family, a school family, and them a family family. I can change all those as much as I want.
Family ain’t my strong suit…but I can turn it into my strong suit.


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