Clichéd, Yeah, But True

Don’t ever put all of yourself into one thing. Fortune cookies and Chinese proverbs warn us of that without relent. We all must learn this lesson at some point in our lives. I learned it in a difficult and unexpected way.
All my life, I had this delusion of grandeur that one day my mother would somehow come into my life as if there had never been an absense. I thought maybe, she’d simply come waltzing in with a reasonable explanation, and all would be forgiven. I stored up all my hopes into that one pipe dream. From age nine to twelve, that was my only wish.
When I found out who my mother really is-an alchoholic, drug addicted, angry, mentally unstable child abuser-my whole world was shattered. The goal for which my whole life had been centered around crashed down around me. My false hope of having a mother-a real one, who can actually be there for me-was gone, in a flash.
I’d wanted a real mother more than anything on this earth. I’d let that expectation cast a shadow over everything else in my life, and as I look back on that time in my life, I see how wrong I was.
Don’t put all your hope into one thing….or all your hope will be gone later.


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