Up In The Air

I can’t seem to grasp the fact that I’ll be done with middle school in just under three months. It’s odd to think that I’m not going  to ever be a student at Foster Middle School again after this year. (It’s a happy thought, but a weird one.) I feel I should give you all a glance into Foster life, since I’m a master at it.

  • Mexican is the dominant race, followed by African-American, whites, Asians, and “other.”
  • People aren’t nice to each other. At all.
  • It has the stupidest rules ever; i.e: no glitter.
  • We have uniforms. And it sucks.
  • The best teacher ever, Mr. Cox, quit in September so it’s even worse than before now.
  • Rumors travel fast.
  • The food is horrible.
  • It’s so ghetto, they fix computer trays with twisty ties.
  • You aren’t allowed to bring your own lunch. Yeah, you heard me.
  • It’s basically the worst school ever.

And that is a partial list of what Foster is like. Yeah, don’t come here.

All this has also provoked thought about my future. They put lunch numbers up this Saturday on Booker T Washington High School’s website to tell who got accepted, and until then my whole high school life is up in the air. I will seriously cry if I don’t get in. Not so much because I can’t go there, but knowing I wasn’t good enough to be accepted would hurt me the most. I’m gonna end up where I’m meant to go, though.

What with it being spring break, I’m going to blog a lot since I have too much time on my hands.

Night, loves. (:


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