I am so nervous.

This Friday is when they say on the BTW Website who got accepted and who didn’t. I am going to bawl my eyes out if I don’t get in. I’ll also cry if I do get in, out of happiness and shock.

For those of you that don’t know, BTW=Booker T Washington High School, AKA the best high school in Tulsa. It’s a magnet school, which is why I have to bite my nails over getting accepted and not just go. I’ve wanted to go since before this school year even began. I applied in February, and since then I’ve been so on edge about it.

If I don’t get accepted, I’ll be going to East Central ,which isn’t the end of the world I suppose, it’s just my last choice of a high school. It’s not completely terrible, but to me it just seems like a bigger Foster (the school I go to now that I hate) and I’m tired of the same old drama. I’ve been going to school with a lot of the same problem-causing people for the last three years, and most of them will be going on to EC since that’s where Foster kids go. One of the reasons I want to go to BTW is so I’m away from those same people. I realize that every school has its own drama, but I want to be away from Foster-brand drama.

Another reason I aspire to attend BTW is that it has better academic opportunities. Along with the whole ‘Bigger Foster’ thing, Foster has terrible academics and I’ve learned next-to-nothing there. I don’t expect much more from EC. I don’t want to be just another EC kid. I want to be better than that. Attending EC is fine and I’m not trying to diss anyone who goes there, because I’m sure it’s a jolly fine school, but I want to be different from every other Foster kid who just breezes along to EC. I want a challenge. I want to know that I’m good enough to go the number one high school in Oklahoma.  I want to prove to the world -and to myself- that I can get accepted into Booker T Washington High School and not flunk out or get expelled. I like challenges.


One thought on “Arg!

  1. Blake mcc says:

    Hey Ali. I know you will make it. I don’t have a doubt you won’t. If that last sentence made sence. And I’ll always be here for you.

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