I Have Crossed Over To The Dark Side…

I can’t sleep, so I figured a pointless blog post was in order.
So, you all should go check out my BESTfriend Blake’s blog. (:
I wrote a whole blog about him over the summer and he owes me one about me! >:D
I’m writing a new novel. I don’t want to reveal too much, but my characters have the BEST names ever. Lyric and Dax- oh yes.
Well, I spent all my money today, on Black Ops and shoes. As for Black Ops, I finally surrendered and became an official gamer, because ILOVETHISGAME (andamillionothergames). I’mma hook my Wii up to Internet &&get the headset so I can play Live! The shoes have emo dogs on them, and they’ll be arriving in my mail this week.
My hair is getting freakin’ long! I chopped it off in September and it’s like halfway down my back now! I’mma cut it again soon, just a little to get the split ends off so it can grow in over the summer and I can look nice for high school.
Speaking of hair, I want red hair and I will not stop until I get it. >:D I’m tired of brown. I think I’ll start out with just auburn and work my way up to red as I go along this summer.
I just got the largest urge to watch Dumb and Dumber.. Love that movie!
I have One Week by Barenaked Ladies stuck in my head.. o.0
I think that’s all for now.. Goodnight, loves!

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