I’d like to be a coroner when I grow up. Yes siree, a coroner. And I’ll tell you why.
The idea of being a medical doctor has always fascinated me. Since I was a child, growing up watching House and Becker, the medical field has been a small dream of mine. You see, though, when you’re a regular doctor, your job is a life-or-death situation. Your paitient either lives or dies. It’s so rushed and you don’t really get a good experience. And if you get an emotional attatchment to your patient and they die, then you’re depressed, and so is the family of the deceased. Too much emotion for me.
Coroners get to skip that process. Coroners can take their time and not grow an attatchment. You don’t have to always have the right answer right away, because your patient has already croaked. Finding out the time and cause of death seems to much easier than trying to keep someone alive.


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