Why couldn’t my father have chosen a functional woman to have children with? Or at least figured out how badly Sharyl would screw up his life and everyone’s lives? If he’d just stayed with Valerie (his high school girlfriend) I could be living a normal life, as could my family.
If he hadn’t gotten with Sharyl, I wouldn’t be living with my grandparents right now. I’d be living in our Broken Arrow duplex with a mother, father and maybe even a little sibling. We’d eat dinner at a real table and have a fireplace. I’d have a real family and not this pathetic excuse for one.
How did my dad not see how much Sharyl would screw him up? He’s a smart guy. Did he turn the other cheek when she brought out the grass and vodka? Sharyl was probably one of the worsr girlfriend choices he could find. I’m not trying to diss my own, uh, “mother” (I don’t like calling her that) but the results speak for themselves.

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