The Day of Silence

Today is the National Day of Silence. I have stayed silent all day in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who are silenced everyday for who they are.
“Faggot” and “dyke” and “That’s so gay!” have become common in many vocabularies, haven’t they? I hate when people use things such as these as insults. Thousands of teens commit suicide and hundreds are brutally beaten and even killed every year for being themselves in a world of closed minds. This is heartbreaking.
Earlier in the year, it was Gender Bender day at my friend’s school. He has a bus stop at my school and so my friends and I were girling him up. These chicks were calling us all “faggots” for it and wouldn’t let us explain ourselves.
Just the other morning, my friends and I were on the side of the school hanging out. My bi friend was with us and these chicks came up and questioned her bisexuality. She has a boyfriend and they were asking him why he’d ever go out with a bi girl. They called her a “faggot” and him a “dumbass” and stormed off.
It is astonishing how ignorant some people are. They fear and hate that which is not the norm for them. And why, what business is it of theirs what sexuality someone is? Who are they to bully someone for it? Bullying and hate are two things I can’t stand.
Today, I was silent. I still am silent. It gave me a lot of time to think. I got a lot of crap for it. My dad is giving me crap for it. He mocked me by using sign language. Why can’t people see that this is a real issue? Every 5 seconds, another GLBT teen is being terrorized. Every 10 seconds, one gets physically hurt. Every hour, one commits suicide. This is a real problem, and it starts with yourself. If you want to stop the bullying, the terror, the harrassment, stay silent with me.


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