Why’d you do it? That is all I want to know.
I know I’ve already forgiven you for your offense, and I sure would like to do that wholeheartedly. My mind is over it but my heart surely isn’t. You sounded sincere in your apology and I’m positive that you were. The damage you caused me still hasn’t gone away, and no matter how much we’d both like “I’m sorry,” to erase everything, it won’t.
You made me feel like I wasn’t enough and never would be enough. You built me up with your words and then knocked me down with your following actions. At that moment weeks later when I first realized you weren’t ever going to follow through with your dealings, I felt sadness I hadn’t felt since I was delivered the truth about my mother. I felt that I had been played and you never really cared. (I still haven’t got enough proof to deny that.) You played a game with my emotions and you won.
I still can’t completely obliterate the sheer agony you caused me. You brought on my first true heartbreak. Thanks for the experience, I guess.


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