Your Words Sting

You yell at me and tell me to stop bitching at you. You just keep repeating “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”
You tell me when I say I’m hungry “You could skip four or five meals and be okay.”
When we go out shopping and find nothing, you say “It’s because you’re fat. Lose some weight and you’ll find some clothes.”
When I finally bring home good grades you say “These are terrible! Dumbass…”
When I eat anything even slightly fattening, you say “No boys are ever gonna dig you. Look at yourself and tell me otherwise.”
When I write, you tell me “Do something productive.”
When I go to church 6 miles away, you say “Are the people there THAT important? I have better things to do than driver your stupid ass around.”
This has been going on too long. And you wonder why I’ve threatened to run away every year of my life since second grade? Why I don’t like talking to you? Why I spend as much time with other families as possible?
It’s because I hate being here. It’s because every word you say is against me. It’s because other families love me.
One of these days, you will eat your words.

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