High School Recap

I started high school recently, and let me tell all you TPS &/or East Central haters:
I absolutely LOVE it there with all my heart.
To give you a breakdown of all my classes and such, I’ll explain the scheduling.
We have A Days and B Days. On A Days, you go to classes 1, 3, 5 &7. On B Days, you go to 2, 4, 6, &8.

A Days:
1. Coach Hill, Oklahoma History.
I love this class. Coach Hill is awesome and a good teacher. Great way to start out my A Day.
3. Mrs. Hrdlicka, Pre-AP Geometry.
I love Geometry. LOVE it. It’s so different from Algebra, which I HATED WITH A FIERY PASSION.
5. Coach Gray, Pre-AP Art.
I love art. I just love it. This class pushes me harder than I was last year, which is odd because all we’ve drawn are spheres, eyes, shading bars and animal skulls. But Coach Gray is a REALLY good teacher and I look forward to this class every A Day.
7. Pre-AP English, Mrs. Diamond.
I have no strong feelings of like or dislike for this class really, it just is. I think Mrs. Diamond is pretty and nice, though.

B Days:
2. Health, Coach Brown.
Okay, this has to be my favorite class. I love learning about health! I thought it’d be only physical health when I first saw that I had the class, so I got scared because I’m obviously not the physical health type. Then once I got into class I saw that the course mostly covered mental, social and emotional health- MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER TO LEARN ABOUT. Plus, Coach Brown is an AMAZING teacher and makes me laugh.
4. Pre-AP Biology, Coach Bell.
To start things off: Coach Bell is adorable. Just sayin’. He wears the BEST clothes ever, has cool hair, and in Ashlin’s words, looks like a Teddy bear.
I love the class. We start off with a writing prompt every day, and what does Ali love??!? WRITING. Then we watch a comedy video to put us all in good moods. We have hour and a half classes, which I LOVE, ’cause I get more time for fun stuff! And to, like, work or something…
6. Leadership, Ms. Steele.
Another eh class.
8. French 1, Mrs. Fleming.
I love French. Love the language, love the class, just love it. It comes easily to me.

So, all in all, I absolutely am in love with East Central High School. All those who put it down or put TPS in general down, get bent, because I’d never want to attend another school. <3


One thought on “High School Recap

  1. Grace Hand says:

    I love it ali <3

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